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Communicate Better

Interpreting Services


We place in-class interpreters for students for the duration of the semester, substitutes for staff interpreters, and support faculty and families who may require interpreting services for ARD or IEP meetings, instructional activities, and professional development. Our interpreters are well trained to provide high quality services, match and adhere to each program's preferred mode of communication and provide language consistency and modeling.

Higher Education

Crabtree interpreters are skilled in matching their interpretations to the communication needs of each individual student, in order to ensure that all of the student's needs are met in the classroom. We understand that consistency in interpretation can make the difference for successful performance in higher education.


Crabtree Interpreting Services is cognizant of the unique needs of all assignments and especially with the content of social services. Our ASL interpreters always practice confidentiality and professionalism at every interaction and display discretion when necessary, keeping true to the Code of Professional Conduct, set by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and National Association of the Deaf. With that, our coordinators work to ensure that all assignments (legal, medical, business, or theatrical) are staffed with the interpreter whose qualifications best fit the need.

DeafBlind Services


Each DeafBlind individual has a unique communication style. Crabtree Interpreting Services seeks to provide the appropriate interpreter(s) to match those unique styles. We have trained professionals who are able to interpret using Tactile-ASL, Pro-Tactile ASL, and various other signing modes for those individuals. Due to the unique nature of each need, please be as specific as possible when placing requests for interpreters.


Crabtree sources interveners with the competency, desire, and training to work with DeafBlind individuals. We will also provide ongoing professional development in-house with various experts.

Professional Development

Investing in Students

Crabtree Interpreting Services has a passion for investing in the future generations of interpreters. We provide weekly Skills Labs and many other learning opportunities for students at little to no cost. Students of the interpreting profession will always find support for skill development with our professional development team.

Investing in Professionals

Similarly, our professional development team provides trainings for certified interpreters to increase their skill-sets through various opportunities throughout the year.