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Working to provide quality intervener

services for the DeafBlind Community.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.”
-Helen Keller


An intervener is a service provider with specialized training and skills in DeafBlindness who, working with one individual at a time, serves as a facilitator to involve an individual in home and community services and activities, and who is classified as an "Intervener", "Intervener I", "Intervener II", or "Intervener III" in accordance with Texas Government Code, §531.0973

The Identified Need

There is a need for qualified interveners ready and able to work with students on a broad spectrum of abilities and needs.

Crabtree's Solution

  • We source interveners with the competency, desire, and training to work with DeafBlind Students
  • We will provide ongoing professional development in-house with various experts
  • We are working with Lone Star College for additional formal training with a goal of providing a professional certificate for interveners
  • We are ready with substitutes and interim interveners when your staff members need time away
  • Ongoing supervision by Crabtree Interpreting Services

The Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act, a federal bill moving toward becoming law, aims to reform and improve the educational opportunities for deaf, blind, and deafblind students. One of the top recommendations is the use of qualified interveners who can work one-on-one with a deafblind student to facilitate communication, provide environmental cues, and enable access to learning. Crabtree Interpreting Services provides the talent pool to meet this critical need.

Crabtree's Mission

At Crabtree Interpreting Services we seek to provide equal access to the world for people who are DeafBlind, our expertise lies with the educational field. Owned and operated by a team of ASL interpreters, we closely pay attention to our clients’ needs and source the best interpreter/ intervener for the request. We actively seek to develop a relationship of trust between our clients and the intervener.

Quick Facts

  • In the state of Texas, there are an estimated 864 DeafBlind children according to a 2016 census by the National Council on Deaf-Blindness
  • There are approximately 150 DeafBlind children that reside in the area served by ESC Region IV

Contact Us

Use the form below to contact us regarding your intervener needs. Please be as detailed as possible. Include any specifics about the request itself (date, time, location, subject matter, etc). To help us best service your inquiry, we recommend that you first describe the nature of the assignment, the parties involved, and whether or not you've worked with interpreters or interveners before. You may also email or call us to make a request.

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