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A Study in Ethics

The Code of Professional Conduct provides guidance for working interpreters in decision making throughout the course of their work. Nonetheless, interpreters encounter many situations which can only be referred to as "sticky". Interpreters seeking assistance when facing those situations find that many qualified and experienced interpreters will arrive at varying conclusions using the very same Code of Professional Conduct to justify their reasonings. The infamous phrase, “it depends,” seems to reign supreme. How then can interpreters know that they have arrived at the correct decision? How then can one navigate through their decisions and choose correctly how to respond? Social media has provided a wonderful platform for us to learn from each other and a place in which one can feel completely crushed because of divergent responses.

This webinar has been approved for 0.20 RID and BEI(Ethics) CEUs.

A Study in Ethics will be available starting on February 1, 2019.

Book Study: Born a Crime

Welcome to our book study! This book was chosen because it gives a wonderful insight into apartheid from someone who lived it, and yet has much humor and simple life lessons to boot. We hope you enjoy reading along with us.

The book is available in paperback, electronic, and audio versions. The audio version is so worth it – Trevor is the reader and he pronounces all the foreign words like the native language user he is. He knows several languages and dialects of the area. It is treat to hear him!

This book study has been approved for 0.80 RID(PPO) and BEI(Ethics) CEUs.

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