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A Study in Ethics

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A Study in Ethics - Webinar

The Code of Professional Conduct provides guidance for working interpreters in decision making throughout the course of their work. Nonetheless, interpreters encounter many situations which can only be referred to as "sticky". Interpreters seeking assistance when facing those situations find that many qualified and experienced interpreters will arrive at varying conclusions using the very same Code of Professional Conduct to justify their reasonings. The infamous phrase, “it depends,” seems to reign supreme. How then can interpreters know that they have arrived at the correct decision? How then can one navigate through their decisions and choose correctly how to respond? Social media has provided a wonderful platform for us to learn from each other and a place in which one can feel completely crushed because of divergent responses.

This webinar will set the foundation for subsequent webinars and distance learning case studies.

This webinar will be presented in ASL only. Key concepts will be included in the presenation which will be available for download prior to viewing the webinar.

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Course Objectives

Participants in this webinar will:
  • Describe the basic concepts and precepts of the Demand Control Schema,
  • Examine how practicing interpreters function under the guidance of the Code of Professional Conduct, and
  • Apply these concepts in a case study analysis of a proposed ethical situation.

About the Presenter

Justin Lee currently holds the BEI Master Certification and the RID/NAD National Interpreter Certification. He has been professionally interpreting since 2004 and involved in the Deaf community since elementary school. He works for Crabtree Interpreting Services, located in Houston, as a Professional Development Project Manager. He has a passion for sociolinguistics and learning, and he loves to instill the same passion in the interpreters he mentors.

Terms and Conditions

Our webinars are self-paced and may be completed at your leisure. You will have 30 days after we receive your payment and registration to complete the required coursework. As such, we will not be offering refunds.

CEU Information

  • TSID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 0.20 CEUs at the “Some Content Knowledge Level.
  • BEI has approved this webinar for 0.20 Ethics CEUs
  • This webinar is designed for working certified interpreters.

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